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Martinrea is built on strong values. Our goal is to operate in a socially responsible and ethical manner centered around RESPECT for the environment, laws, universal human rights and communities around the world.

Sustainability, as with any aspect of the Company, has to start with culture. We believe a great culture is core to a sustainable business and successful company.  Our culture is founded upon principles core to our beliefs for a sustainable business, and these principles are reinforced continuously. 

In pursuing our vision and mission, we developed, on a collaborative basis, a set of guiding principles to be communicated, reinforced and adopted throughout the Company:

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The Golden Rule - Treat everyone with dignity and respect

We make great, high quality products

Every location must be a centre of excellence

Discipline and ownership are key

We strive for greatness

We are a diverse and inclusive team

Challenges make us better

Think different

Work hard, play hard

Leave it better

Sustainability Report

We are proud to share our 2023 Sustainability Report, published in February 2024, highlighting the Company’s performance on Environmental, Social, and Governance issues throughout 2023, as well as ongoing initiatives and goals for the future.

Download 2023 Sustainability Report

“We are pleased to share our sustainability commitments and achievements with our customers, investors, key stakeholders, and employees,” said Rob Wildeboer, Executive Chairman. “Our vision at Martinrea is to ‘Make People’s Lives Better’ and our progress on sustainability initiatives as outlined in our 2021 sustainability report is a demonstration of our commitment to that vision.”

Sustainable Development Goals


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a call for action to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. The SDGs address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace, and justice, while supporting strategies for building economic growth. We have identified eight SDGs most directly relating to our business at this time, as follows:


Martinrea’s goal for environmental sustainability is to ensure the responsible use of natural resources and the prevention and reduction of negative environmental impacts like emissions, energy and water consumption, or waste generation, so as not to endanger the environment. The Company monitors its operations to ensure compliance with environmental requirements and standards, and takes action to prevent and correct problems, if needed.


Martinrea develops technologies to assist in producing vehicles which meet or exceed consumer expectations regarding reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This is accomplished by the design and innovation of components and systems with reduced mass, investment in battery technology to support the rise in electric vehicles (EVs), and increased efficiency in operations using lean manufacturing and enhanced IT solutions. We believe our products and manufacturing processess have a positive environmental impact, as they help our automotive OEM customers to meet or exceed regulatory requirements on fuel efficiency and GHG emission reduction through lightweighting.

“In the face of recent challenges, our team has made great progress toward our sustainability goals,” said Pat D’Eramo, President and Chief Executive Officer. “We remain committed to promoting a better future through sustainable business practices that create long-term value for all our stakeholders. I am proud to say that our accomplishments this past year have been the result of the collective effort of all our people.”

“Our global family of diverse team members brings a broader footprint to Martinrea, working together in a culture holding similar values and beliefs. As a company, we strive to impact this world for the better and focus on our people, because our strength is truly in our people.”

Armando Pagliari, Executive Vice President, Human Resources


The Company’s approach to health and safety and diversity, are at the core of Martinrea’s culture of making people’s lives better. We treat people with dignity and respect. We promote sustainability by protecting the environment and respecting the laws, supporting universal human rights, and contributing to communities around the world. Martinrea’s sustainability efforts include providing a healthy and safe workplace for all team members while supporting a diverse and inclusive environment.

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Making lives better for people in communities has been a foundational belief of the Company from the beginning and is directly reflected in the Company’s Vison, Mission, and 10 Guiding Principles, as well as in the Company’s culture. Martinrea rebranded and unified its charitable initiatives in 2018 under a global charitable giving program called “Making People’s Lives Better.” The Company’s charitable goals include sponsoring tangible projects undertaken by a charity, providing donations for sponsored projects, and encouraging our employees to volunteer their time.

Enriching lives in our communities has been one of the greatest returns on investment. From working with nonprofits on sustainability efforts and assembling an intramural sports team to raise funds for children in need, to developing young talent through nationwide Manufacturing Days and international cohort programs. Martinrea also values cultural traditions in all countries we’re proud to represent. Our work in communities never stops – it’s part of our mission of making people’s lives better.


Martinrea believes a successful sustainability strategy starts with a strong culture and effective leadership by the Executive Management team and the Board. The Company’s most important assets are its people and its reputation for integrity, in its products and business practices. We believe the organization must be clear on what it stands for, and honor its commitment to its people, customers, owners, lenders and communities. The Board expects the Executive Management team to manage the Company in a manner that enhances value for all our stakeholders while maintaining the highest level of integrity.

The Company has adopted many policies related to sustainability in order to ensure commitment across its global operations, including the Corporate Sustainability Policy, which covers the following:

• Child labour
• Compensation, forced labour, work hours
• Freedom of association and collective bargaining
• Harassment, discrimination, and diversity
• Health and safety
• Community engagement and Indigenous populations
• Bribery and corruption
• Environment
• International Standards, including human rights and social responsibility

Supplier Sustainability

These policies and procedures provide a first step to ensuring that our suppliers hold values that are consistent with our own, and a mechanism to resolve any issues of non-compliance. Martinrea will encourage its suppliers to collect and report data on their carbon footprint over time, to assist with determining the Scope 3 impact of our business.

Supplier Requirements Manual  | Supplier Code of Conduct and Ethics

Giving Back

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