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Founded in 2001, Martinrea has been executing its strategy with prudent and profitable growth through innovation, engineering and highly skilled team members. Our strength is in our people, embracing a diverse culture, giving employees opportunities to help grow our footprint and expand product offerings and areas of expertise with discipline, dedication and determination.

Working at Martinrea

Employees at Martinrea
Let Martinrea move you and transform your career into limitless opportunities worldwide. Whether you are starting your story here or continuing your journey with us, we are committed to your growth. Striving to enrich your passions and expand your strengths, Martinrea is dedicated to enhancing your abilities and fostering our unique global culture.


Gears together

As we share the breadth of experience and synergy between commercial groups, it’s the people that drive cross-departmental collaboration and overall manufacturing excellence. It is our commitment (and an integral piece to our cultural fabric) to create continuous improvement in our employees’ respective disciplines. Martinrea is process-driven by nature, immediately working towards a solution. Our team is dedicated to seeing projects through and providing the highest value time and time again.


Group of Interns at Martinrea

Success comes from stepping out and seeking hands-on-experience in areas that drive you. Martinrea provides internships and apprenticeships to enhance the talents of the next generation, who will become experts leading us into the future. We believe in creating an environment which encourages growth, professional development, and fosters creativity. Let Martinrea be a part of your success. View our global opportunities.

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