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Martinrea International is a global leader in the design, development and production of lightweight structures and propulsion systems that address the automotive industry’s current and future solutions.

Our Journey

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Asset 4
Nov 2001

Royal Laser

Asset 4
Apr 2002

Acquires Rea International (Fluid Management Systems)

Asset 4
Jun 2002

Royal Laser Changes Name to: Martinrea International Inc.

Asset 4
Dec 2002

Acquires Pilot Industries (Fluid Management Systems)

Asset 4
Dec 2005

Acquires Plant From Oxford Automotive (Metallics)

Asset 4
May 2006

Acquires Depco International (Metallics)

Asset 4
Dec 2006

Acquires ThyssenKrupp Budd Fabco North America (Metallics)

Asset 4
Mar 2009

Acquires SKD Automotive (Metallics)

Asset 4
Jun 2011

Acquires Majority of Honsel (Aluminum)

Asset 4
Aug 2014

Acquires Balance of Honsel

Asset 4
Dec 2018

Investment in NanoXplore

Asset 4
Mar 2020

Acquires Structural Components for Passenger Car Business of Metalsa S.A. de C.V.


Making lives better by being the best supplier we can be in the products we make and the services we provide.


We make people’s lives better by:

  • Delivering outstanding quality products and services to our customers.
  • Providing meaningful opportunity, job satisfaction, and job security for our people.
  • Providing superior long-term investment returns to our stakeholders.
  • Being positive contributors to our communities.


  1. We make great, high quality products​
  2. Every location must be a centre of excellence​
  3. Discipline is key​
  4. We attract, train and work with excellent people, and we motivate our people to perform well​
  5. We are a team​
  1.  Challenges make us better
  2. Think differently
  3. Work hard, play hard
  4. The Golden Rule – Treat everyone with dignity and respect
  5. Our leadership has to drive these messages consistently

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