What is Graphene?

Graphene is a 2D hexagonal lattice of carbon atoms with exceptional properties. There is great potential in Graphene and its use in automotive applications. When incorporated in nylon, it enhances durability and chemical resistance among other properties. Martinrea furthered it’s innovation with Graphene after investing in NanoXplore and their unique GrapheneBlack product which easily disperses in Nylon and provides a much better, sustainable solution.

Graphene Products

Graphene and Nylon Coated Brake Lines
2022 PACE Award Winner

The new sophisticated material can provide up to 25 percent weight savings while simultaneously demonstrating superior strength, greater abrasion protection, and improved chemical resistance, all while utilizing current manufacturing equipment and processes.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Batteries Enhanced with Graphene

Enhancements that graphene will bring to battery technology will be a differentiator by improving charge time and vehicle driving range. Combining our advanced technologies with graphene-enhanced batteries is a big step forward in the EV space.

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