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Martinrea utilizes lightweight materials such as high-strength steel, aluminum, or a combination of both, which can directly reduce the weight of a vehicle, reducing a vehicle’s fuel consumption. Martinrea is a world leader with extensive experience in joining multiple materials and has demonstrated these capabilities through multiple programs.

We work closely with automobile manufacturers from the early stages of development up to final production, offering multiple design solutions achieving both weight and performance goals. Martinrea works around packaging space and offers solutions that meet engineering requirements and save weight.

Lightweighting Products

Multi-Material Floor Pan

This underbody is an example of Martinrea producing a multi-material, (high-strength steel, ultra high-strength steel, aluminum), multi-process (stamped, extruded, hot-formed steel, and cast aluminum) part utilizing advanced joining technologies (combination of structural adhesives, and advanced fastening and welding techniques), to meet the needs of our customer.

Front Rail Assembly

This assembly contains multiple materials, as well as advanced technologies and joining processes, and therefore has a high degree of value-add to customers. It involved the joining of 3rd Generation Advanced High-Strength Steels (3rd Gen AHSS) with aluminum, using a combination of structural adhesives, and advanced fastening and welding techniques. These assemblies were placed in both ICE and plug-in hybrid variants, showcasing how Martinrea’s flexible manufacturing processes can accommodate different vehicles.

Multi-Material Front and Rear Subframe

This product line consists of a multi-material front subframe that has a low-pressure die cast hollow aluminum rear attached to a welded steel front structure, and a one-piece low-pressure die cast hollow aluminum rear subframe.

Aluminum Front and Rear Subframe

Made of hollow low-pressure die cast and extruded aluminum components, this product is unique because it is joined using only structural adhesive and rivets (i.e., there is no welding involved), which is an industry first. The rear sub-frame is a one-piece hollow aluminum die cast structure.”



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