Making Peoples Lives Better

Last year, Martinrea began their partnership with Givesome, a not-for-profit giving platform that lets donors see the difference they make when they give. Every donation leads to a tangible outcome that is captured by video and shared with the donor. Users of the platform can also share their giving on social media, track their volunteer hours and see what different companies support in the charity space. The Givesome platform was launched at all Canadian locations in 2020 from January 20 to March 31, with the company providing team members with funds to donate to a charity of their choice on the Givesome platform. The launch was a success, resulting in a total of $38,800 in donations to 45 charities. “Martinrea’s vision is to make people’s lives better and we commit to that every day, through our culture of giving,” said Rob Wildeboer, Executive Chairman. “This partnership with Givesome will continue to encourage our employees to make their communities even better and show them how their charitable giving is positively affecting those in need.” In April, the Givesome platform will be launched at all US locations, and team members will be given funds to donate to charities. After the US launch, the platform will continue to be rolled out to the different regions Martinrea operates in, with the end result of having one system to use and manage for global giving throughout the organization.

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