Plants Achieve Zero Landfill

Zero landfill achievement

In addition to our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability, Martinrea takes immense pride in recognizing the exceptional efforts of 29 plants in our global operations. These plants have been awarded Zero Landfill certificates, a testament to their dedication to waste diversion and sustainable practices.

Through their collective endeavors, these 29 plants have successfully diverted more than 90% of all waste from landfills, opting for recycling, reuse, and composting initiatives to promote a more sustainable future. We are committed to driving positive change and making a lasting impact on the environment.

The Zero Landfill certificates were a special highlight of our Earth Day celebrations, serving as a reminder of the crucial role waste diversion plays in preserving the environment. By acknowledging and commending these exemplary efforts, we aim to inspire and motivate other plants within our organization to explore and implement waste diversion solutions.

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