Martinrea Industrial Canada Supports Vaughan Foodbank

Our plants remain dedicated to their commitment to improving lives by actively engaging with and supporting their local communities. In Hopkinsville, a Thanksgiving food drive was organized to assist families in need, helping them have an enjoyable holiday season. The generous donations received during the drive played a vital role in enabling a local charity to provide Thanksgiving and Christmas meals to those in need.

At Martinrea Industrial Canada, employees went above and beyond by organizing a food drive that resulted in the collection of over 500 kilos of food, including perishable items. Their dedication and generosity exemplify our shared values of compassion and community engagement. Through their efforts, they made a tangible difference in addressing the immediate needs of individuals facing food insecurity.

Our plants’ ongoing dedication to community involvement and making lives better aligns with our overarching goal. As we continue our journey, we remain determined in our commitment to supporting the communities in which we operate.

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