Jonesville Sponsors Annual Children’s Charity Ball

The annual Children’s Charity Ball held in support of Child Abuse and Prevention Awareness (CAPA) was a memorable event. Martinrea Jonesville, a proud sponsor, received well-deserved recognition and appreciation for their invaluable contribution to this important cause. CAPA’s mission revolves around serving the community of Hillsdale County. Working to ensure that every child receives proper care and grows up in a loving and nurturing home.

The Children’s Charity Ball serves as a platform to raise awareness about child abuse prevention. This year’s ball was no exception, bringing together individuals, organizations, and community members dedicated to making a difference in children’s lives.

Martinrea Jonesville’s sponsorship played a crucial role in amplifying the impact of CAPA’s work. Their unwavering commitment to making people’s lives better was evident in their generous contribution to the cause. By aligning their values with the mission of CAPA, Martinrea Jonesville demonstrated their dedication to fostering a safer and more nurturing environment for children in Hillsdale County.

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