Martinrea International Inc. Announces Investment in Equispheres Inc., a Supplier of High-Performance Powders for Additive Manufacturing

Toronto, Ontario – April 23, 2024 – Martinrea International Inc.(TSX : MRE), a diversified and global automotive supplier engaged in the design, development and manufacturing of highly engineered, value-added Lightweight Structures and Propulsion Systems, announces that in March 2024, the Company was the lead investor in a financing round for Equispheres Inc., acquiring convertible preferred shares in the amount of US$6.0 million. This is the second investment the Company has made in Equispheres, following a C$1.0 million investment in April 2023.

Equispheres is a private company developing innovative technologies for the production and use of advanced materials, for instance, high-performance aluminum powder for additive manufacturing (3D printing) applications. The proven technology of Equispheres enables printing speeds up to nine times faster than industry standards, thereby lowering production costs by as much as 80%. This investment is part of a broader strategic relationship where Martinrea will provide Equispheres with advice on issues related to manufacturing, operations, and corporate strategy.

“Equispheres is a specialist in aluminum powder, and Martinrea is an expert in aluminum components. The high-performance powders that Equispheres supplies have the potential to address product development challenges by enhancing design flexibility,” said Pat D’Eramo, Chief Executive Officer. “This should enable us to provide increasingly complex and sophisticated assemblies and other products to our customers, or what we refer to as BreakThrough products. Equispheres’ continuing track record for driving performance improvements with additive manufacturing is truly impressive, opening doors to a wide variety of new and exciting higher-volume applications. The opportunities also extend beyond aluminum to other high-performance alloys.”

“We continue to forge strategic partnerships and invest in innovative companies through our Martinrea Innovation Development (MiND) initiative,” said Rob Wildeboer, Executive Chairman. “These partnerships are a great strategic benefit to our Company, as they enable us to introduce new, innovative products to the market, enhance our processes, lower cost, or some combination thereof. Our vision, of course, is making people’s lives better and all these initiatives are developing disruptive modern technologies we believe can change the world we live in. Equispheres is a perfect example, as their unique technology is expected to help lower the cost of additive manufacturing in automotive to the point where the production of 3D-printed automotive components at scale is possible. We are excited about this strategic relationship, both as a customer and as an investor in a business that has tremendous potential.”

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