Martinrea arbeitet mit Drive Staffing Solutions zusammen

Martinrea is proud to work with Drive Staffing Solutions, a program helping individuals secure employment and improving their standard of living by earning a consistent income. The program works with several local shelters, including the Jackson Interfaith Shelter and helps people living there find employment through hosting a weekly job fair. Drive Staffing Solutions has increased the Interfaith Shelter’s employment ratio from <5% to over 60% and has maintained high employment since inception. Eric Rice, the owner of Drive Staffing Solutions and former General Manager at BCA, teamed up with Martinrea to help these individuals secure manufacturing jobs at BCA. The team helps break down barriers to employment in multiple ways, such as by providing free transportation to and from work. With Drive Staffing Solutions assistance and Martinrea’s positive work environment and culture, 50 people from the shelter have begun working at the company. Thanks to the program’s life-changing impact, many individuals are grateful for a second chance to get back into the workforce and improve their lives. Martinrea is glad to make people’s lives better and have these team members join our family!

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